Forex Cross Rates Widget

Forex Cross Rates Widget enables you to see the live price quotes of your own chosen currencies with the comparison to other opponent’s major currency rates at once. Within just a new number of clicks, you will get your generated rates table. The widget is web-based, embedded with currency converter codes and makes you capable of viewing the different types of rate conversion results in a table chart of all cross rates. In the beginning, the prices show the list of currencies of one unit in the row and then calculates by using the updated daily selected price.

Forex Cross Rates widget platform allows you to look at the desired amount from the conversion results of each currency pair. By clicking on the selected cell or on the pair of a specific currency, it will be shown in the first column. Forex Cross Rates Widget, select the base currency, place the desired amount that will display on top. You can select the currencies that you want to look into your widget. You can choose the theme of your widget, size, font, and language yourself can be customized by yourself. It also can be blended with your website with the same theme and style.