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Best solution for websites where you need forex currency rates fast & free solution. Weidget Integration is very simply just copy & past iframe code into your website or blog. Get differnt charts, real-time currency rates, differnt indicators and more for your site. FX pricing provide live rates and large coverage of differnt weidgets.

Market Currency Rates Widget

Market Currency Rates Widget a powerful and simple currency rates forex tool widget, can be embedded with your websites or blogs. It included almost more than 150 word currencies with 2000 currencies combination. You can view the latest market rates that changes in real-time. It displays the price information for all selected currencies of the market. The information on price shows the ask,bid price, current rate with percentage changes. It is easier for traders, a user-friendly, to select their own choice pair of currency and the required information will be displayed instantly on the table chart column.

Forex Ticker Widget

Ticker Widget is a world-class advanced tool, showing straight bar with different directions of all the prices. It acts like to display almost 15 different symbols prices with their daily change price fluctuations. Ticker Tape Widget, having a particular purpose for making it simple to use by its appearance and behavior, so you can add it to other Wall Street Websites additionally. By just applying a few clicks, it starts showing the forex ticker symbols instantly. So, you can receive all the updates directly from the Ticker Tape Widget that can be challenging for all seasonal Forex traders and can be accessed by anyone on this website.

Ticker Widget supports multiple display modes. Please check the display mode by clicking on the get widget.

Currency Converter Widget

A currency converter widget provides real-time exchange rates, helping users quickly convert currencies. It enhances user experience and trust, making it ideal for e-commerce, travel, and financial websites.

Single Ticker Widget

A Single Tape Widget is considered to be a simple tool, presents all the percentages and price changes on your selected symbols. By its user-friendly looks and feel, it can be used on all international Wall Street Websites. A robust, useful and one of popular tool ‘Single Tape Widget’ with all the latest updates of prices, you can find here and that is incorporated on various trade platforms. Only with a few clicks, can make you a ticker symbols runner in the global currency market. To keep the records of amounts, it is an extremely helpful tool and active in the world’s major trading forex markets.

Ticker Quote Widget

Currency Price Index Ticker Quote Widget Tool is a powerful and simple forex trading tool. Ticker quote widget mostly users use on home page.

Forex Cross Rates Widget

Forex Cross Rates Widget gives you access to look into all real-time quotes of the currencies selected by you. Conversely, you will also see the other currencies at the same time. By using ‘Forex Cross Widget’ you can keep the track record of almost 6 different currency rates. The display of ‘live currency with cross rates’ chart, really easy for reading with all the updates that change automatically. A Free and powerful multiple currencies rates converter widget with other all currencies. Every day it shows in a table chart, easy to use for all the businessmen who are dealing with foreign companies or invest in Forex exchange rates. Just in a couple of clicks, you can select appropriate currencies and generate the rates inside the table effortlessly.

Forex Technical Indicator Widget

A Technical Indicator Widget displays the ratings based analysis of all indicators. Now you don’t have to operate various indicators for analyzing the financial instruments, just for the sake of it, this widget is here to do it all at once. The display on top shows all Forex rating data in real-time with technical analysis within the functional table chart and by just a small number of clicks you can create this table rates chart at any time. You can also customize this widget for your website as maintained by the same colors, theme, and style. Once you personalize it completely, copy its HTML code and start to embed it into your website that will appear just after a while.

Simple Moving Average Widget

Simple Moving Average Widget tool indicator just moves with the changing rates of multiple currencies in real-time. The smoother moving line shows the slower and fats rates movement and developments. The top bar reveals the timeline, with buying and selling percentage indicators below. As compared with the other currencies, you can see the variations of the rates at one point. This ‘Simple Moving Average Widget’ is also embedded with the website that displays the numerous rate conversions and the crosses table chart. You can get all the conversion rates results on your desired amounts by only clicking on individual cells or by selecting any currency rate in the column or rows.

Last Candle Widget

The Forex Last Candle Widget is a universal trading tool that allows you to watch the live prices ebb and flow at Forex and another competitor currency rates in both chart and figures table. You can add this widget with your website and let allow your visitors to watch the real-time Forex rates. It is customizable, free and fast forex widget, easy to integrate with your website, stylish display and dynamic market insights. With real-time Forex ‘Last Candle Widget’ you can target and engage your all audience on your website. It allows you to get market information in Forex Trading.

FX Pivot Point Widget

The Pivot Point Widget is a unique and free tool to do the analysis of the currency support and resistance levels. The easy way to open the daily currency table chart for trading with low, high support and resitance prices every day. It allows users to see the different pivot levels of currency by comparing it to others pivot formulas. The resulted values make you take the right trading decisions with take profit and stop loss. This widget tool is usually used by Forex traders on different timeframes. It’s a web-based embeddable technical tool for analysis that shows you the pivot points in the table chart and if the widget is used to turn on then it will show you where the Pivot Point in the display is.