Market Currency Rates Widget

Market Currency Rates Widget provides all investors and traders the selection of rates that can be seen on their website after embedding the codes. You can grab more audiences traffic to your website and instantly can see the revenue changes of your competitor market rates, by using a professional and robust widget, which also increases the value of your website. The Market Currency Rate Widget’s coding has been optimized to avoid any kind of delay loading on your website. You can customize it exactly like your own website template design in sense of style and color schemes. We facilitate the user for using light and dark color schemes, so you can use dark or light background for making this widget more stand out shows on your website. As an alternative, you can also use the same combination of widget color blending with your website design.

Market Currency Rates Widget, with more than 150 currencies of the world, makes it user-friendly for all the traders and investors who want to see other currencies conversely at the same time. The fluctuation of rates can be seen in the real time table including number percentage in the chart of all currencies. The most attractive thing about this widget is that you don’t need to add the values manually after every hour but it performs automatically for your website or blog, and you can have a view of a live display of all currencies rates changes with time.






You can show all of below columns in the widget.