Pivot Point Widget

The Pivot Point Widget is a unique website based tool for technical analysis and shows the pivot points of all currencies in the table chart graph. Widget is made that way so people could easily integrate this tool with their own website. Only you need to copy this widget code and start embedding with your website when it will complete the copying process, suddenly within a few seconds, you will see that it appears on your website. So now you can grab more audiences when they will browse your website and want to know more about this useful tool.

Pivot point widget tools are beneficial especially for the people who are in the trading industry, they could be investors or buyers. The table chart aggregates the price levels with the main standard method. By default, for now, you can see the low, high support and resistance price and it also allows you to customize it any time on your desired rates at any time. This widget also provides a great opportunity for all the users including traders and investors for studying it once of all the levels available on the table chart and just review the past and current price developments.




You can show all of below columns in the widget.

You can show all of below tabs in the widget.