Ticker Tape Widget

Forex Ticker Widget is very suitable for all kinds of websites, blog and forms, our widget adds extra value for all traders and investors or any users, allowing them to have a glance on all currency rates of the market. This widget supplies all clients with real-time currency rates of major currency updates and also displays on your site directly. By selecting the currency pairs of your choice, the widget allows traders the feasible outcome of a trade. You can see the pairs of currency with all substantial rates fluctuations. The table chart provides a streamlined overview of the latest price changes in the activity of various currency pairs. The shifts of price show the direction from the time of beginning and until the current time. You can observe the high and low movement of prices in color bars at the same time. The outcome value is always a positive measure of the market by your selected pair of currency.

Forex Ticker Widget, an advanced world-class tool, displays upright bar by with various orders of all market prices. You will see a correlation currency table, that is how all currency pairs move relatively with each other, indicates a quick view of the latest market values.






You can show 3 of below columns in the widget.