Technical Indicator Widget

A Technical Indicator Widget displays the currency signals in real-time. Now you will not need to apply different indicators to consider the financial instruments, this widget works for you. You can see all the ratings on the chart at any time. Customize this widget the same as your own website style and feel, your desired colors, size and design. Once you complete customizing the theme, copy the HTML code and start embedding it into your website. Now the widget will be shown on your website in just a few seconds. Firstly, you will notify, this tool with all forex pairs list is having a section where all traders can select the pair of currency.

You will have another section on this widget, which will show the different time frames, starting from every 5 minutes, 15 minutes or hourly time-frame, and with ending time frame every day. Technical indicators provides different indicators such as RSI, STOCH, MACD and more with value and signals. The trader has a choice to select any time frame for analysis of the technical summary. Different summaries depend on the section of time frame and trade commendation of currency pair. So people could have a strong buying and selling trade, based on the widget configured algorithms, automatically changes and leave the technical analysis on table display.




You can show all of below tabs in the widget.