Indian Rupee to UAE Dirham (INR/AED)


Result appearing no longer a quantity (nan) in JS By Gerove - 4 weeks ago

I'm looking to create a cash alternate calculator . However the result's appearing NaN. What I even have attempted: Here is the code ...

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i are looking to cover reconcile_type if can_reconcile == False in Django By Stack Overflow - 1 month ago

elegance ApiConfiguration(fashions.Mannequin): CURRENCIES = ( ('AE', 'AED'), ('SA', 'SAR'), ('QA', 'QAR'), ('OM', 'OMR'), ('BH', 'BHD'), ('KW', 'KWD'), ('EG', 'EGP'), ('IN', 'INR'), ('US', 'USD'), ('UK', 'GBP'), ('TR', 'TRY'), ) RECONCILE_TYPES = ( ('excel', 'Add E…...

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Rags to Riches: Indian motive force in Dubai wins over Rs 33cr in lottery By IANS - 1 month ago

Ogula created historical past with a completely unique rags-to-riches story by way of changing into the primary individual to win the grand prize of Emirates Draw's AED 15 million. The 31-year-old Indian nationwide, who hails from a village in southern India, got here to the UAE 4 years in the past in searc…...

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Distinct signaling signatures force compensatory proliferation by way of S-phase acceleration By Carlo Crucianelli, Janhvi Jaiswal, Ananthakrishnan Vijayakumar Maya, Liyne Nogay, Andrea Cosolo, Isabelle Grass, Anne-Kathrin Classen - 1 month ago

Writer abstract Regeneration calls for excessive degrees of cellular proliferation to revive the physiological operate a broken tissue. It will both be completed by way of permitting extra cells to go into the cellular cycle, or by way of accelerating cellular cycle development. As well as, …...

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